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Special Edition Saturday – June 4, 2016

Flying solo today, but my guest did a pretty good job of co-hosting most of the second hour.

Today, I finally got to to talk to Meathead Goldwyn, proprietor of and the author of “Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling.”  We had a great time and he gave us some great information.  So many grilling and smoking myths getting busted by Meathead, it’s almost impossible to keep up.


I have long relied on, ever since I got my first smoker years ago. Fantastic resource with great information, great recipes and great advice.

So whether your a novice who wants to get started or someone who has been grilling and smoking for years, there is definitely something in Meathead’s book for you.

Oh, and MJ told us how to make infused vodkas.  Which was nice.

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