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Talk of the Town – News Roundup – 4/13/18

Former SES co-host Ben Mills and Steve’s personal mixologist MJ Morland join Steve for a roundup of the news of the week.


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Greg Scandlen – Talk of the Town June 12, 2017

Today on Talk of the Town, I am joined by Greg Scandlen, Senior Fellow of the Heartland Institute and founder of the Consumers for Health Care Choices, as well as the author of Mythbusters: Why Health Reform Always Goes Awry regarding the the success (or lack thereof) of Electronic Medical Records.

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Talk of the Town 6/1/17 – Jake Curtis


Yesterday, Republican State Senator Len Fasano presented a proposal that he says would save the state nearly $2.2 billion by overhauling the state labor laws that are currently in place.

In response, Democratic State Senator Martin Looney said “These aren’t solutions.  They are the same failed austerity policies that have damaged the economies of states like Wisconsin and Kansas.”

But is that true?  Is Wisconsin’s economy failing under Gov. Scott Walker’s policies?

Today, I invited Jake Curtis, from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, to be my guest and discuss the actual impact that Act 10 has had on the state’s education system, economy and business climate.

I think, after listening to this, you might decide that yes, Connecticut definitely needs a “Wisconsin moment!”

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Talk of the Town, December 1, 2016


Larry Rifkin took the day off, so I was invited to fill in for him on Talk of the Town for the day.

First hour, I talk about Fidel Castro and the Southern Poverty Law Center, before welcoming Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg to the show.  Dr. Goldberg and I discussed the differences between the common cold and the flu, as well as strategies on how to avoid them and/or treat them.sneezing_cat

In the second hour, I take some calls and then say hello to Kara Newman, the author of Shake, Stir, Sip:  More Than 50 Effortless Cocktails Made in Equal Parts.  I highly recommend this book.


Things get really busy in the third hour, first with Lois Anderson from the Friends of Mark Twain House to discuss the 36th Annual Holiday House Tour.  I then speak to CT State Comptroller about the continuing budget crisis and whether the problem is finally being taken seriously in Hartford.  And then I welcome Michelle Seiler-Tucker, author of Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth to talk about the prospects of a Trump economy.







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Talk of the Town – August 3, 2016

Day 3 of Larry’s vacation.  Looks like he’s having a great time.


Another full day of great guests.  Today I speak with Brandon Finnegan of the Decision Desk HQ regarding the latest polls, Brad Wilcox, on his recent paper studying whether welfare programs affect the formation of traditional families, Howard Schwartz from the Better Business Bureau and Richard Conniff, author of a Yankee Magazine article where he attempts to answer the question, “Is Connecticut part of New England.

Hour 1:


Hour 2:


Hour 3:

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Talk of the Town – August 2, 2016

Larry is still on vacation.  I’m sure he’s having a great time wherever he is.



My guests today are Jennifer Trudeau of the Western Free Press (we talk guns), CT Secretary of State Denise Merrill (upcoming state primaries and voter ID), Susan Frisch (Weekend in Norfolk), CT Sen. Tony Hwang (proposed hikes in health care insurance) and Jen Briny, aka the Congressional Dish (the Trans-Pacific Partnership, among other topics.)

Hour 1:

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Hour 2:


Hour 3:

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Talk of the Town – August 1, 2016

Larry Rifkin is taking a well-deserved vacation from Talk of the Town this week.


So they asked me if I wanted to do the show for a few days.  Oh HELL yeah!

Here’s the first show.

Hour 1:

Hour 2:  My guest this hour is Christopher Cook, managing editor of the Western Free Press

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Hour 3:  My guest this hour is Kurt Schlichter, a columnist for