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Steve Noxon is the host of Talk of the Town, an exciting, fast-paced radio talk show that airs weekdays between 10am and 1pm Eastern on WATR 1320AM out of Waterbury, CT.  You can also listen at or on TuneIn radio .

Steve is a graduate of the CT School of Broadcasting and had a lifelong desire to be on the radio.  It took years, but he finally got his foot in the door at WATR, thanks to Larry Rifkin, the host of WATR’s Talk of the Town.  Steve worked as Tom Hill’s producer when he hosted Special Edition Saturday, and then took the reins when Tom decided to pursue other opportunities. When Larry decided to retire, Steve was offered what he considered an opportunity of a lifetime and he took over as the host of Talk of the Town. Talk of the Town is a legendary talk show that has been airing on WATR for decades.

Steve is passionate about politics.  He falls somewhere between conservative and libertarian on the political spectrum.  Leaning right in a left-controlled state like Connecticut can be difficult, so Steve works very hard to maintain his sense of humor.

Steve has also worked in the healthcare and IT industry for over 30 years.  He also is a former member of the Augusta Curtis Concert band in Meriden, CT, which allowed him to express himself musically.  In short, Steve is a multi-faceted, incredibly talented, hilariously obnoxious enigma.

Follow Steve on Twitter: @TOTT2017


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  2. do you list anywhere the books or authors you’ve had on your show?

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