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Special Edition Saturday – January 23, 2016

Snow?  Blizzard?  HAH!!!  I laugh at you.

Old truck?  DAMNIT!!

Well, Thanks to Dave from Ann’s Deli, I was able to make it to the station for the show after my truck died in his parking lot.  Seems I was the only one to brave the elements though, as both Ben and Tom decided not to risk it.

My guest this week is Suzanne Bates, policy director from the Yankee Institute.  We do a post-mortem on the GE move, as well as discuss the response from leaders from across the political spectrum.

I also spoke with Brent Cochran, co-host of the Drift Compatible podcast about the clown show that is Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

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Special Edition Saturday – Jan 16, 2016

Very busy show today, which included a few drop-ins from the live WATR remote at the Stonehouse Bakery in Naugatuck during the first hour.

But Tom, Ben and I still managed to get in a discussion about the recent announcement by GE that they are moving their corporate headquarters from Connecticut to Massachusetts.

While the news did not surprise any of us, the reaction and comments by the Democrat leaders in Hartford were, to be quite honest, an insult to the intelligence of every citizen of this state. They tried to say that this move had nothing to do with the policies of this current administration, when, in reality, it is precisely those policies that started GE looking elsewhere three years ago after the first massive tax increase by Governor Dan Malloy and the Democrat-run statehouse, which were then exacerbated by the second massive tax increase just three years later.

GE’s decision was an unfortunate and damaging one for the state of CT, but certainly not unreasonable. And the blame falls directly on Gov. Malloy, State Representative Brendan Sharkey and State Senator Martin Looney, for their insulting arrogance and their apparent ignorance and/or incompetence when it comes to addressing the economic problems facing the state of Connecticut.

I hope voters remember this moment on election day.

Our guest in the second hour is Mark Hemingway, senior writer for the Weekly Standard, as well as a columnist who’s work also appears, among other sites, at The Federalist. We speak with Mark about this column, “Documentaries Like ‘Making A Murderer’ Are Mostly Agitprop“. Very interesting conversation about a topic that has long been a favorite of mine.

Today’s drink is a punch, called the Top of the Hill.

The ingredient list:

Topo Gin, Champagne, Blackberries, Earl Grey Tea, Rosemary, Lemon

Listen for the recipe.

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Special Edition Saturday – Jan 9, 2016

It’s a new year and a new season. Ben, Tom, MJ and I return with one hell of a show!

For some reason, after Tom’s business news of the week and Dave’s joke, Ben and I started talking about dieting and health. I guess if you hang around long enough, all conversations eventually lead there.

Our guest this week is Jim Cameron, from the Talking Transportation blog, to discuss the issues facing CT residents in the new year, the future of rail in the Northeast, as well as some of the on-going issues around the state regarding our transportation system.

Really fascinating discussion.


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