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Special Edition Saturday – April 25, 2015


Really excellent show today.  Lots of good info, good laughs and good times.

Usual stuff in the first how, then we ase joined in studio by Howard Schwartz from the CT Better Business Bureau.




Right click here and select “Save as” to download the entire show or you can listen by clicking below″

2 thoughts on “Special Edition Saturday – April 25, 2015

  1. Steve, I didn’t get to listen to the show for the 25th.Couldn’t getit to work as usual.I have a question, too.  Does twitter only allow the show to be seen / heardwhen it is live?  Can’t seem to get the 25th show on that either. Maybe I need a BEN .  Love you, Mom Joyce Noxon

  2. Try it again. It should work now.

    Also, we can;t save the video stream because the file is too large. So at this point, you can only seethe show when it is airing.

    Will try to find a way around that soon.

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