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Special Edition Saturday – June 21, 2014

News of the week, including a brief discussion with Ben Mills re: the recent announcement by the IRS that e-mails that the House Ways and Means committee has demanded are “lost.”  uh-huh.

Here’s a link to Gabriel Malor’s article re: Gov. Scott Walker and the malicious, politically motivated investigation that found nothing illegal.
A Basic Primer On The Scott Walker Case For Ignorant Reporters

By the way, what do you think?  Should Hartford build a $60million stadium for the Rock Cats?

Ben (Transform Computer Repair) and I also discuss some additional IT topics of interest. I also speak briefly with Dave from Ann’s Deli., before welcoming MJ Morland, my personal mixologist to the show to tell us about his always popular Drink of the Week. This week, the Beergarita.

Here’s what it looks like. I’ll post the video as soon as I get it from MJ.


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