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Special Edition Saturday – April 4, 2014

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Fun, busy show today.  Tom Hill III once agains helps out by acting as Steve’s producer.

After talking about a few current topics, Steve welcomes Ben Mills of Transform Technologies once again to discuss IT topics, including some of the smaller, helpful websites that are out there. To find more, you can Google “useful websites.” There’s all kinds of great stuff out there to help solve most any problem.

In the second hour, Dr. John McHugh joins Steve and Tom in-studio to talk podiatry, Obamacare and share a few laughs, especially when Dave Iannone from Ann’s Deli calls in with his JotW.


(Dr. John McHugh, Steve Noxon, Master of the Selfie, and some guy who just walked in off the street and acted as my producer.)

Finally, Steve’s personal Mixologist, MJ Morland, calls in with his Drink of the Week.

Right click here and select “Save Link As…” to download the show or listen by clicking on the audio link below:″

The White Russian

And just so you know what I have to deal with every week, here’s what Tom looked like when I walked into the station today:



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