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Special Edition Saturday – April 26, 2014

Today’s show comes with a TRIGGER WARNING!!!!

Be careful, you may not be treated with extra-soft kid gloves by the host of today’s show. Avoid listening to today’s show if you are easily offended by hearing points of view with which you may not agree.  Do not listen if you find the truth to be “discomforting, embarrassing, flirtatious, gender specific, inappropriate, inconsiderate, harassing, intimidating, offensive, ridiculing or a threat to your “self-esteem.””

I spent a lot of time on a single subject today, the current trend, both on-campus and off, to undermine freedom of speech and stifle debate. This is an insidious tactic used by many people to avoid having their opinions and theories be subject to scrutiny. Better to just not allow certain types of speech to be heard in the first place. And, not surprisingly, this most often seems to be coming more and more from the Party of Tolerance™.

It is to laugh.  The so-called open-minded, self-appointed “Speakers of Truth to Power” lately seem to be the first ones calling for the suppression of dissenting speech in nearly every single arena, be it education, politics or science.  Gee, I’m so old that I remember when dissent was patriotic.  Not anymore, I guess.

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Here are links to many of the articles I referenced during the show:

“Who’s Undermining Freedom of Speech on Campus Now”

“‘The Debate is Over’ – A Core Progressive Tenet”

“The Closing of the Academic Mind”

“Attacking Diversity of Thought”

“Trigger Happy:  The “Trigger Warning has Spread to College Classes.  Can It Be Stopped?”

“Warning, This Editorial May Upset You” – USA Today

“Feminist Professor Charged for Attacking Pro-Life Teen”

“UConn Professor Defends Rant Caught on YouTube”

“Is Misinformation ABout the Climate Criminally Negligent?”

“Yes We Can Say That” – Mark Steyn

“Shame and Hypocrisy at Brandeis University”

I would like to thank my friend Xbrad for his help in finding many of the articles and links above.  You go to his blog if you like guns and/or women.


In between rants, I took time out to speak with Ben Mills of Transform Computer Repair and Dave from Ann’s Deli.

And then closed out with the Drink of the Week with my Personal Mixologist, MJ!


The Greyhound Iced Tea

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Special Edition Saturday – April 12, 2014

Let me start by welcoming my new producer, Joe Drane. Joe should bring a fresh and interesting perspective to the show and I am looking forward to working with him.

Great show today, starting with my first guest, CT State Senator Joe Markley. Senator Markley and I discuss the current legislative session and some of the recent bills that have been introduced, and take some calls from listeners.

In the second hour, Ben Mills of Transform Technologies joins me in-studio to talk tech, including a discussion of the Heartbleed bug.

And finally, as always, my personal mixologist, MJ Morland, calls in with his Drink of the Week, The Creamsicle.

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Drink of the Week:

The Creamsicle

(recipe to follow)

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Special Edition Saturday – April 4, 2014

Fun, busy show today.  Tom Hill III once agains helps out by acting as Steve’s producer.

After talking about a few current topics, Steve welcomes Ben Mills of Transform Technologies once again to discuss IT topics, including some of the smaller, helpful websites that are out there. To find more, you can Google “useful websites.” There’s all kinds of great stuff out there to help solve most any problem.

In the second hour, Dr. John McHugh joins Steve and Tom in-studio to talk podiatry, Obamacare and share a few laughs, especially when Dave Iannone from Ann’s Deli calls in with his JotW.


(Dr. John McHugh, Steve Noxon, Master of the Selfie, and some guy who just walked in off the street and acted as my producer.)

Finally, Steve’s personal Mixologist, MJ Morland, calls in with his Drink of the Week.

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The White Russian

And just so you know what I have to deal with every week, here’s what Tom looked like when I walked into the station today: